Innovation Heroes

The Hitchiking Robot’s Guide to the Universe

November 11, 2021

Hitchhiking robots were just the beginning. Ed meets with Dr. Frauke Zeller and Lauren Dwyer, two leading social robotics scientists at X University in Toronto. Together, they go over the inspiring and viral story of hitchBot and all the amazing work Dr. Zeller and her team have been up to ever since. They discuss the latest and near-term use cases of robots in society and uncover a series of fascinating insights. From building the perfect robo-companion, to fundamentally altering our industries and what it means to be human, you will never look at your Roomba the same way again. 

Featuring: Dr. Frauke Zeller, Associate Professor and Director of The Creative School Catalyst & CCK at X University and Lauren Dwyer, Doctoral Candidate in Communication and Culture, Technology in Practice at X University.  


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