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Cisco’s COVID-19 Response: Welcome to the People First era

November 12, 2020

When a global, life-altering event like COVID-19 hits, it sparks change -- even for the world’s largest businesses. Just ask Cisco, the iconic networking and enterprise collaboration solutions maker. When this crisis began, people were looking to the IT industry to provide solutions. And although tech tools are important, today’s guest Michelle Chiantera, VP of Growth Marketing, Americas at Cisco, understands the importance of driving a solutions-oriented business in a much more human way. Who are the companies we stick with and turn to when times get tough? They aren’t necessarily the ones doubling down on their marketing tactics. They’re the ones who are showing us they can help, and letting us know that’s what they’re here to do.

See how SHI and Cisco can help you transform your business:

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