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Getting STOKE-d About Saving the World with Commercially Viable Space Flight

January 20, 2022

It's a new year, but we’re still facing a lot of our old 2021 problems: the global climate is changing fast, we continue to run low on chips thanks to supply chain shortages, and the population of the planet continues to boom, making for more hungry mouths to feed. It might just be time to look to the stars for some solutions – and by the stars, we mean low-cost, on-demand, designed-to-fly-daily rockets. Creating sustainable and commercialized space flight could not only solve our short-term problems of how to get satellites into orbit more cheaply and efficiently – they could completely change our lives here on Earth.   

Host Ed McNamara sits down with Andy Lapsa, Co-Founder of STOKE Space Technologies Inc. Andy’s spent the last decade working at Blue Origin, where he directed the BE-3 and BE-3U Engines projects and served as development test lead for the BE-4. Now, he’s starting his own space flight venture with the mission of making a completely reusable second stage rocket. Andy says the next 5-10 years of space tech development is going to have huge implications for our future; so, it’s going to be crucially important that we make the final frontier accessible, affordable, and sustainable – and that we figure out how to do it as soon as possible. 

Featuring guest Andy Lapsa, Co-Founder at STOKE Space Technologies, Inc 

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