Innovation Heroes

The Real Superheroes Behind a Supercomputer

December 9, 2021

The team running Rutgers University’s supercomputer cluster has been busier than ever since the start of the pandemic. Today, they’re supporting the advanced computing needs for over 350 projects for hundreds of users all around the globe. From Dentistry to Astronomy, the work they support is truly changing the world – and sheds light on the real potential of today’s most powerful computing machines. But the real heroes are the IT staff, who not only maneuvered through the massive boom of pandemic demands, but continue to help make high resource computing accessible – and equitable – for a vibrant and varied research community. 

Host Ed McNamara sits down for the last episode of 2021 with an expert from the Office of Advanced Research Computing, who’s fighting to give credit to the unsung heroes behind this amazing tech – because innovation is nothing without communication and a focus on equality.  

Featuring guest Barr von Oehsen, Associate Vice President of the Office of Advanced Research Computing at Rutgers University. 

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